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Air Conditoiners

Use Between 1-3 Kilowatts a hour Costs between R1.30 and R4.00 a hour

Manage Staff

Inform the staff everyday before they leave work to turn off the Air Conditioning & Lights.

Monitor that the Air Conditioning & Lights have been turned off before they leave.

Inform the staff the Air Conditioning & Lights has not been turned off when they leave.

Inform Management that the Air Conditioning & Lights are still on.


Automatically alerts the Staff by Email and SMS. Records all events and creates and audit trail. Extremely useful for training and disciplining staff.

Indicative Costs

5 Air Conditioning Units    
Monitoring Equipment R 12 000.00
Monthly Monitoring & Notifications R 400.00
Electricity Wastage R 2 250.00
Guardian Cost -R 400.00
Saving R 1 850.00
Makes Cents

Save Electricity

Staff overlook the need to switch off Air Conditioning and Lights when they leave work.

Staff Attitude

During a recent investigation into electricity wastage we found that staff attitude towards saving costs varied

Cost to Company

Take a typical retail store or office with five ceiling cassette split type air conditioners.
Assume the store or office is well insulated, so cool air is not being lost.
Leave five AC Units running overnight... what is the cost?


AC unit use 1 Kilowatt in idle state x Electricity @ R1.30 per hour x 12 Hours x 30 days = R2 250.00


The R2 250.00 is not high enough to justify an expensive Building Management System to eliminate the electricity wastage.


Provides a cost effective solution.